With the early day-light savings time, I'm motivated to end this blog and move on to the next fabulous project. Although I'm a bit early on the year end, I think its been a good one. I'll admit, these last few months were sparse on posts, but for much of the year, it was a success. I didn't start this blog to gain readers, but I hope the next one is more interesting to those who didn't raise me (or my husband). My new blog craftymsp.blogspot.com will be my showcase of things I quilt, knit, embroider, etc and the inspiration for the handful of projects that are constantly swimming through my head. I hope you like it.


Ice house or Abandoned parking booth?


Today I'm pretending it is summer. It was a blah day at work. So many things to think about these days - people's jobs, 401Ks, project prospects in the office (or lack there of), designer babies...So I was in a glum mood much of the day, but decided to turn it around.

As I was walking home I pretended it was just a summery breeze, not freeze.

I pretended I was running up to the farmers market to get veggies for the burgers instead of to the grocery store.

I imagined my bare feet were standing on the deck while lighting the grill, instead of tucked warm inside my boots, standing in 6 inches of snow.

Finally, I fantasized that I was running outside in fresh air instead of inside on a treadmill.

So, after an evening of summer, I think I can go back outside in the cold...for now.


Its hard to ride a bike in this kind of weather.


I finished the quilting on this one tonight. Straight lines around the blocks and randomness at the edges. I think I also perfected my "signature". Do you see it?


Back from the wonderful Colorado. Skiing was great. Seeing friends was great. Glad to be home.


My friend Annie calls this "snirt". It is yucky - piles of snow melting away in the rain. Vanishing before our eyes, replaced with crusty, dirty ice. I'm doing a snow dance again.